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Article #1

Title:  How to Approach Women

The key to success in any field is to know what you want and learn how to get it.  A man who is totally self-confident and walks with a determined step finds that he can overcome any obstacle in his way.  The truth is that most men are scared of being rejected and do not know how to approach women. 

Understand the fact that women too are human beings with basic instincts and feelings.  They are equally cautious because they too worry about making the wrong choice. Do not get fazed and tie yourself up in knots wondering how to approach women.  There are many women to choose from and if one walks away from your advances, there are ten more to work your charm on.

The first thing you have got to do is be the best version of yourself you can be.  Look a person in the eye when you speak.  You do not have to speak in a loud voice to be the epicenter of all eyes.  Instead, walk up to the woman you wish to impress and introduce yourself.  Tell her casually that you could not help noticing her in the crowd as she was exuding an aura that wafted across the room to you. Smile warmly as you say it because woman love men who compliment them and exhibit a sense of humor.  Sense of humor is the key here. Praising and complimenting women without them earning it first is submissive.  Tease them a little, make them show their value to you...not the other way around.

The internet is bursting at the seams with tips on how to approach women. Try not to use the run-of-the-mill one-liners to start a conversation.  It will probably evoke a yawn or a polite “Excuse me!” as she turns and walks away. If you are attracted to a woman, speak with her and if you find her responsive, ask her for her contact number or address and tell her that you will be calling her soon.  Do not beg or plead or ask her repeatedly if she will go out with you.  Learn to walk away at that first meeting and move on to other circles where you continue to put your best foot forward.  Know that her eyes are following you around the room as you continue to be charming and make people light up in your company.

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Article #2

Title:  How to Be An Alpha Male

An Alpha Male can best be described as a person who stands out from the rest of the group, gets what he wants and is able to make the others fall in with his line of thinking. You can learn how to be an Alpha Male too.  The underlying key to being noticed is the level of self confidence that you exude when you are in the company of other people.  If you think positively, can get yourself noticed and hold a conversation with other people, you are not far from owning the title of an Alpha Male.

Information, tips and suggestions are freely available in cyberspace on how to be an Alpha male.  Make it a point to read and digest relevant material that elaborates on overcoming your weak points.  Download material that you feel will give you that boost you require and concentrate on improving your personality.

If you feel you look undernourished and could do with a good physique, then join the nearest gym and work out those muscles so that your body tones up, as you get fit and increase your stamina.  If you are overweight and need to tone down your belly fat and lose those ugly pounds, follow a diet that helps you shed fat without starving yourself silly.

You cannot imagine what looking good does to your whole outlook on life.  You begin to dress well, walk with a confident stride and hold your head high, so that you are looking a person in their eyes as you speak.  Introduce a little humor in your conversation and see how women make a beeline for you.  Be attentive and yet aloof, do not gush over a gorgeous woman and hover around her, rushing to do her bidding.  Instead, be chivalrous and speak in a well modulated voice so that people get attracted and find you fascinating company.

Your aim is to stand out in the pack.  When you decide to make your next move, do not ask for approval.  An alpha male seeks approval from no one.  State what you want to do and see how the whole group follows your suggestion and complies with your decision. The world seems a better place once you discover how to be an Alpha male.

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Article #3

Title:  How to Get a Girl To Like You

To make achieve your conquest, you must know how to get a girl to like you. Some men are born flirts and know how to attract women with their charm and saying the right things at the opportune time. Perhaps you are one of those who have to cross an obstacle or two to score.  Do not let this bog you down with worry.  Know that the world is wide and there are many beautiful women out there looking for the right man to cross their path.  With a little push in the right direction, you may stumble upon the girl of your dreams and enjoy being with her.

Unless your intentions are totally unscrupulous or you have a vicious mentality, you need not worry about what women will think or say, when they meet you.  Instead begin to have faith in your ability to put your best foot forward and come out a winner.  You may have to read up about how to get a girl to like you and there is no better place than cyberspace.  A plethora of suggestions and tips can be downloaded from reputable sites that will teach you how to get a girl to like you. In the end, it is your self-confidence and inherent traits that will make a woman fall for you.

There may be many situations when you are in a party and you find yourself attracted to a particular woman.  You can do either of two things.  You can get yourself introduced to her or you can go up to her and introduce yourself with supreme confidence.  Do not try to use cheesy lines that make her move away from you.  You will know when you speak to her if she is interested in striking up a conversation or not.  Make sure you speak coherently, in a well modulated voice and appear warm and friendly.  Do not bend over backwards to do things to please her.  You can be chivalrous and pull out a chair for her or ask her if you could get her something to drink, but do so in a playful or funny manner so as not to be her slave.  Do not engage her attention for too long as she may get bored with you.  Leave her on a high and then contact her at a later date when she is dying to hear from you.

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Article #4

Title:  Personality Traits That Attract Women

Women turn to look at men who make their presence felt as soon as they walk into a room. The clothes they wear, the air of confidence and self-esteem that they exude and the buoyancy in their step make women stop and take that second look.

We all know that women do not react to situations like men.  Their decisions are based on their emotional responses most often and this makes them susceptible to frauds that prey on their gullibility and end up making their lives unbearable.  You can get a whole lot of information online and if you wish to join a discussion forum online, you can share your problems and seek solutions from men or women, who are ready to help you with advice.

What are the personality traits that attract women?  Women like men who are neat in their dressing, and sport a clean look.  Women are pushovers for romance, so if a man is able to win her heart by complimenting her on her looks or dressing, without approval seeking, she invariably warms up to him. Charming a woman does not mean piling onto her and quoting one liners from a book.  This will certainly put her off as she will know that you are trying hard to win her attention.  Women are more intrigued when men remain slightly aloof.  Your conversation should be such that you are able to gather a crowd around you and hold their attention with what you say.  Do not speak loudly or in an overbearing voice.  Be polite, funny and respectful because these are the personality traits that attract women in the end.

Once you learn to get over your shyness and begin to take steps towards looking and feeling good, you have crossed the barrier and when your self esteem increases, you will learn to talk and walk with more confidence.  Look on the internet for personality traits that attract women and try to steer clear of certain annoying habits that you may have developed in the past.  Remember that a woman looking for a relationship feels the same trepidations as you, so make your moves wisely and positively.

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Article #5

Title:  Dating Myths

There are many dating myths that have been formulated over the years which need to be clarified and laid to rest once and for all.  When two people are attracted to each other, there is a feeling of excitement in the air, when they actually decide to go out on their first date.  In their anxiety, they may arm themselves with myths that may nor may not work to spark the enthusiasm that is required to make the evening memorable.

Do not be under the misconception that women go out with guys only if they are good looking or have a fat bank balance.  If you look around you, you will see women totally involved with a bald or pot-bellied man.  Women like to see beyond the superficial façade and if they find what they are looking for when they go out on a date, they are drawn towards their partner.  He may be able to hold her attention with light banter or talk on a subject she is interested in. If you are of the opinion that you should do all of the talking, to keep your woman captivated, you are on the wrong track. That is one dating myth that has to be quelled. Women like to exchange information so that they can decide whether they are making the right choice.  Bring up conversation threads that allow her to talk about her favorite subject...herself.

It is essential to remember that there are no rules to dating. Trying to be sensitive to her woes and promising to be a friend will not get her into bed.  You may end up as a good friend and not her lover. The worst thing you could probably do on a date is to constantly seek her approval and shower her with gifts unless she has earned them.  You are more than welcome to take care of your woman but make sure you establish a reward system where she gets something when her behavior is to your liking.  Women are fair when it comes to going out on a date with someone they care about. 

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Article #6

Title:  4 Alpha Male Tips

We know that women are more responsive and easily attracted to an Alpha Male. The reason for this is that an Alpha male, by his very stance and masculinity, sends out a positive aura that galvanizes the heart of a woman, who is looking to find a date. I would like to share with you, 4 alpha male tips that can transform you from a wimp or an overbearing bore, so that you reach out successfully to women and engage them in conversation so enthralling and exciting, that it sets their hearts aflutter.

In order of importance, I would stress that one of the 4 alpha male tips, is to improve your self-esteem and let your self confidence soar.  Be proud of who you are, regardless of whether you look like a Greek God or not.  You may not have oodles of money that some other guy is flashing around and you don't need to.  Your stance, body language and modulated voice will speak volumes for you.  Heads will turn when you enter a room. Your purposeful stride will make women yearn to follow you.  Your charming, warm and friendly smile will have a cutting edge over the rest of the males in the room.  Another tried and tested suggestion is learning to let your voice carry, so that when you speak, your conviction speaks louder than words.  Men and women automatically do what you propose for them, without giving the matter a second thought. 

Be composed, when you engage in conversation and make eye contact, when you speak to another person in the room.  Do this if you want to make a lasting impression on a woman.   Speak your mind if you are knowledgeable about the subject and find humor in a situation, when you are trying to get a point across.  Women are captivated by a man who can make light of a situation and make them laugh.  Sometimes the humor may be cocky but the way you say it makes all the difference. Keep these alpha male tips in mind when you decide that you too can become one!

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